On the Set: The Grass is Greener

On the Set by Rina Ayuyang

Many moons ago, I self-published a comic series called Namby Pamby. This is from the last issue from 2008, and marks the first of a series of comics that will adapt excerpts from movie star memoirs. What I like most about movie star memoirs is learning the behind-the-scenes moments during the making of my favorite movies, especially the interaction between the stars, crew and director. This one is from Dancing on the Ceiling: Stanley Donen and His Movies by Stephen M. Silverman. Stanley Donen is one of my favorite directors, whose versatility in directing musicals, comedies, suspense genres is something I truly admire. Plus he got to direct some of the most iconic stars in Classic Hollywood. Stay tuned where I try to find some back story to The Women from Joan Fontaine’s memoir. Click here for a bigger glimpse of the comic>

Comic: Downton Crabby

Aw, just in time for the next episode, so we can share our rage together! I know it’s hard to tell in this comic, but I actually like this show. I think I like it too hard that it hurts. So pull up a chair, make Mimi’s Crawley Pimm’s Cup cocktail, and enjoy! (Also, CAUTION, there are a lot of SPOILERS if you haven’t watched the show till tonight which is at Episode 6, Season 6!)Downton Crabby by Rina Ayuyang

Comic: You DO That Little Thing!

Meet Me in St. Louis is unexpectedly one of my favorite movie musicals ever. I recommend you watch it, not just because you’ll understand the following comic better as it references a lot of scenes and quotes from the movie, but it’s just so GODDAMN good and it’s the holidays!! Make Mimi’s Irish Coffee, tuck yourself under a warm blanket and start watching! It will seriously change your life. I guess I am exaggerating. Anyway, enjoy!

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