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There is more than one finger in the pudding…in fact there are three.

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Us Three: Rina, Mimi and Laura!

We’re three women who share a love of movies, pop music, pop culture, Jane Austen, and most importantly FOOD, and our obsessions lead to some of the most impassioned, often times, loony and hilarious debates over our favorite subjects.  It’s this spirited three-way banter that drives this blog…and the food.

Mimi (Puddingyrl) is from San Francisco.  She has been a pastry chef for a number of years trading in her English Lit and Film Studies degree for a whisk.  However, she hasn’t lost her passion for writing and film which powers her as the master Chef behind the recipes and a creative motivator behind the scenes.

Rina (PghPolka) was born and raised in Pittsburgh and therefore holds pierogies, hoagies and Yuengling beer in very high esteem. She is an Eisner-nominated cartoonist who documents our “innovative process” through her comics, and acts as a resident taste-tester for all of the delicious food and drink that Mimi makes for this blog. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Laura (HungryEyes) hails from Texas.  Her favorite food will always be a good ole’ fashioned homecooked meal. She has worked in the restaurant industry, but her real aspiration is for teaching and being home with her kids.  Her cooking prowess is essentially the exact opposite of Mimi’s, which she portrays in her Small Dice Column on this blog.

And together we’re….

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