On the Set: The Grass is Greener

On the Set by Rina Ayuyang

Many moons ago, I self-published a comic series called Namby Pamby. This is from the last issue from 2008, and marks the first of a series of comics that will adapt excerpts from movie star memoirs. What I like most about movie star memoirs is learning the behind-the-scenes moments during the making of my favorite movies, especially the interaction between the stars, crew and director. This one is from Dancing on the Ceiling: Stanley Donen and His Movies by Stephen M. Silverman. Stanley Donen is one of my favorite directors, whose versatility in directing musicals, comedies, suspense genres is something I truly admire. Plus he got to direct some of the most iconic stars in Classic Hollywood. Stay tuned where I try to find some back story to The Women from Joan Fontaine’s memoir. Click here for a bigger glimpse of the comic>

Author: Rina

Rina Ayuyang is an Eisner-nominated cartoonist based in Oakland, CA. She lends her comic doodlings to documenting our innovative editorial process (Facebook chats), and acts as a resident taste-tester for all of the delicious food and drink that Mimi makes for this blog. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. Rina was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and therefore holds pierogies, hoagies, and Yuengling beer in very high esteem. She credits the hearty food from that region as well as her Filipino upbringing (she'll eat anything with rice) for her love of pigging out on good food that is bad for her while watching movie musicals on a continuous loop. You can see more of Rina's work at www.rinaayuyang.com.

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