Small Dice Challenge: Semi-healthy Shrimp and “potato”soup

A couple of weeks ago, I had my anniversary dinner at a French restaurant called Liaison Bistro.  I can’t remember the last time I ate so well.  Actually, I can’t even remember the last time my husband and I went on a date without a child.  I ordered a sole stuffed with crab drowned in cream.  I’m sure there was a much fancier name for it, but that describes it perfectly.


Anyways I had a craving this week for some creamy soup to fill the void of waiting another year to have a meal like that.  My husband recently bought the nutri-bullet, his electronic of the month, and has been suggesting that I use it for more than smoothies.  I swear he should be a spokesperson for all of these products, because it seems like he memorizes the manual to make my life miserable.  He wanted me to make a potato soup, but I didn’t have any in the pantry.  I decided to use cauliflower instead since there was some rotting away in my fridge.  I also added carrots for texture and color.  Finally, I threw in some garlic for flavor.

IMG_20160310_194619 I let them sit in a pot for about ten minutes with some vegetable broth until they were soft.

IMG_20160310_194554 Afterwards I threw them into the bullet and blended them all together until silky smooth.  I poured it back into the pot after putting a little bit in a bowl for my son.  He was ok with it, but it might have still been hot.  Oops.

I added cream and let it boil while I stir-fried some shrimp.


I wanted that seafood flavor like I had at the restaurant.  Finally, it was all ready to eat.

No thrills, just soup.
No thrills, just soup.

My daughter thought it was delicious and ate her whole bowl.  The next day, my husband tried my son’s baby food and said it had “very good flavor.” And this was eating it cold without the cream and shrimp, so I figured I received his approval.


Author: HungryEyes

I am a mother of two married to a Pastry Cook. I have worked in restaurants in various positions, but ended up as a teacher. Since having my last child, though, I am a stay-at-home mom trying to survive by cooking from home. I have never been someone who could open the fridge and whip up meals willy-nilly, but have been inspired by watching reruns of Chopped this summer. My post Small Dice is an ode to the show and, also, a challenge to myself to become a better cook and a more efficient mom. In addition, I love movies and music. I will be harassed throughout this blog for my love of Doris Day and Billy Idol, because they will be sure to come up, but I don’t care, it’s nothing new for me.

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