Small Dice Challenge: Sushi Rolls

The challenge this week is to see if I can make sushi rolls without all the necessary components that most sushi chefs have.  For one, I don’t have one of those fancy bamboo mat rollers and, two, I’m not exactly sure how their rice is made or what kind of rice they use.  I could google everything…but what is the fun in that?  I’ll pretend it’s 1997 and act like google doesn’t exist. (Full disclosure: I googled the date of when google started, it was September 4th, 1998) When I began this little experiment, I tried to think about how the rice got so sticky.  I thought sugar was added, so I did just that and cooked my rice like I normally did.  Without checking it afterwards, I put it in a Tupperware and then into the refrigerator to let it get cold.  The next day, I started to prepare my roll.  My husband was home, so as always, he asked what I was doing over my shoulder.  I explained my plan.  With some (eye)rolls of his own, he explained to me that was not how sticky rice was made.  Furthermore, he understood now why the rice tasted sweet when he went to prepare his lunch earlier in the day. I told him not to worry about it, it’ll still work in my roll.  The rice was a little loose, and I added some soy sauce to give it some flavor.  Then, I chopped cucumbers julienne style and placed them in the middle and rolled it all up.  My daughter thought it looked like a sushi burrito.  My husband continued to guffaw at the mess I was making as all the rice started falling out of the sides.  I guess I needed to try a different method for my rice.

As I was about to throw it out, he said he could make arroz con leche, but realized I had added salt and pepper to the dish.  In the trash it went.  He suggested I make it sticky by stirring it more to release more starch.  I hate it when he’s right.


See…it’s sticky…

I remade my rolls and this time it worked.  I made cucumber and decided to use up some of the sauerkraut that sits in my fridge.  I thought it was similar enough to pickled radish rolls.

IMG_20160303_193458Now it was time for cutting my little sushi burrito….IMG_20160303_193524

And apparently, I need sharper knives.  I went through three different ones–they’re all dull.  Well, at least my daughter liked the rolls.  And even though my husband was hesitant to try them, he too approved.



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