Comic: Downton Crabby

Aw, just in time for the next episode, so we can share our rage together! I know it’s hard to tell in this comic, but I actually like this show. I think I like it too hard that it hurts. So pull up a chair, make Mimi’s Crawley Pimm’s Cup cocktail, and enjoy! (Also, CAUTION, there are a lot of SPOILERS if you haven’t watched the show till tonight which is at Episode 6, Season 6!)Downton Crabby by Rina Ayuyang

Author: Rina

Rina Ayuyang is an Eisner-nominated cartoonist based in Oakland, CA. She lends her comic doodlings to documenting our innovative editorial process (Facebook chats), and acts as a resident taste-tester for all of the delicious food and drink that Mimi makes for this blog. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. Rina was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and therefore holds pierogies, hoagies, and Yuengling beer in very high esteem. She credits the hearty food from that region as well as her Filipino upbringing (she'll eat anything with rice) for her love of pigging out on good food that is bad for her while watching movie musicals on a continuous loop. You can see more of Rina's work at

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  1. Hahaha – Sharp satire on Downton and our obsession with it! Alas, all good drama should come to a end, before they Jump the Shark. Looking forward to more of your great work!

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